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Hello Oddfish

Post by jombo » Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:40 am

Was just cruising thru and snatched a mod the addon for the Topics Links and thought I best say hello since I was leachin. Nice place ya got here. The things we do when we are bored huh. Me all but one of my boards are private affairs and I keep quiet about the one that is online so the *&^% spammers don't pester me so bad. They been bad lately posting kiddo porn all over everywhere. No matter how or what we do the fools get registered. That simple math captcha does good on en the fools though.

I spent an hour hacking to try to get links on NVs Mod in viewtopic yesterday and failed and just dropped it in google there you were. Thanks man!

Later man and I may buzz back thru at a later date. Again looks nice here.

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