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Re: Congrats on the server move

Post by oddfish » Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:41 pm

joomlapack - 1.5x download and you'll have to change to jpa compression in the options once installed, save and check it changed. you use the jpa compression on godaddy servers. So install, check options, backup, administrate backup and download the file. make a new database locally and place the backup created in empty localhost/joomla_folder along with the 2 kickstart files and browse to localhost/joomla_folder/kickstart.php . hit next on the backup file name and wait while it decomps and creates an installation - new tab the install on screen and follow your nose. remove installation folder. and login (check the kickstart tab - it'll tell you. once done and checked (so you know it is correct, do the same on the new server (3 files into an empty folder) and again browse to kickstart.php. etc, etc. Handy. remember changes made locally may not reflect server changes so make sure you're up to date for future restores if needed.


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