Mods Database

Mod Title Version Description Author Location
Change User's Post Count 2.0.3  The MOD allows an administrator to change a user's post count. prothought
Clickable Post Count 1.1.0  Adds a clickable link next to a user's Post count to return all posts by that user (or your own). oddfish
Clickable Topic Count 1.0.1  Adds a clickable link next to a user's Topic count to return all topics by that user (or your own).

NOTE: Requires NV User Topics MOD by nickvergessen.
Country Flag User Edition 1.2.2  This MOD allows registered users to select their country flag for display throughout the phpBB system.
Flags can be controlled via the UCP and ACP.
Thanks to nedka for the initial release.
oddfish / Gremlinn
Forum Sort Order 1.2.0  Gives users the option to sort topics within a forum by the topic time (time of the first post). The forum will stay sorted by this order regardless of newer replies to existing topics.
Adds topic time in UCP -> Board preferences and viewtopic -> Sort by.
Also adds Forum default to UCP -> Board preferences. Adds "Default topic list order:" to ACP -> Forums -> Edit forum, this can be overwritten by the settings in UCP.
Adds the possibility to override user sort settings in any forum selected.
Medal System Extension 0.22.0 Dev System to award user medals oddfish
Mods Database 1.0.7  Adds a simple Mods Database for keeping track of the mods installed on the board with possibility to add various additional information.
Mod detail page to view the additional information, admins with appropriate permissions will be able to see installation date on mod detail page.
NV User Topics  This MOD displays the number of topics next to the number of posts:
# in profile
# beside posts/pms
# in the memberlist
Prevent Topic View Increase by Author 1.0.0  When an author views thier own topic, the view count will not increase. BondGamer
Quick Style 1.3.4 Dev Adds a style dropdown box to the header of every page for quickly switching between styles. The dropdown box will only be displayed if the board is set to allow multiple styles. PayBas